Sunforgettable Protection Color Balm Collection

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This collection includes three Color Balm SPF 50 shades Designed with EnviroScreen® Technology, these antioxidant-infused, all-mineral formula balms provide lips and cheeks with customizable color, hydration, and unmatched protection.



+ Blush is a true nude with pink undertones, perfect for everyday wear.
+ Bronze is a shimmery golden color, providing a sun-kissed glow.
+ Berry is a deep raspberry hue, great for adding a more vibrant pop of color.
Zinc Oxide 12% (equivalent to SPF 50)
Broad Spectrum (UVA/UVB) Sunscreen
The SPF rating measures protection against UVB rays only. UVB rays are so-called “sunburn” rays.
Water resistant (40 minutes)


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