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Freeze Pen

World’s best non-invasive treatment for removing benign skin lesions. Safe, fast, comfortable. No downtime. No scars. Treat common lesions on the face and body: dark spots, skin tags, moles, age spots, warts and more.*

Freeze Pen - Mole and Skin Tag Removal

1st spot tx $80.00
Additional spots $40.00


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the gold standard for removal of skin lesions in dermatology and aesthetic practices. It’s the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue through the application of extreme cold.

How long will it take for the lesion to disappear?

Your lesion is expected to fall off two to four weeks after the treatment. Some lesions are more persistent and may take longer to disappear.

How does the FreezPen treatment feel?

The treatment is comfortable, and doesn’t hurt. It feels like a light pinch. There is no need for local anaesthesia.

How soon after the treatment can I return to my daily activity?

Immediately after. FreezPen treatments involve zero downtime.

How many treatments are required?

Most lesions require one treatment. Large lesions such as warts may require one to two follow-up treatments.

Will the FreezPen treatment leave any scars on my skin?

No. FreezPen is a non-invasive treatment. Temporary blistering may occur, but there will be no permanent scars or marks left on your skin.


PlexR (or plasma soft surgery) is a non-surgical treatment used to lift the eyes (blepharoplasty), by treating the skin laxity. It is also used to improve scars, treat moles, skin tags and other unwanted superficial skin lesions. Unlike surgical treatments for these problem areas, PlexR does not require general anaesthetic and recovery time is much shorter. The treatment uses plasma – the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas – and is performed using wireless handheld devices which are manufactured in Italy. The PlexR soft surgery device has been used and licensed in several countries worldwide over the last ten years. It is the first fully licensed plasma technology to be introduced in Canada.


Lesion Removal $200.00

Our lesion removal Treatment


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